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The company INERTI GUERRA SRL, trades different types of aggregates, such as sand, stone chipping, gravel of various kinds; round gravel, colored gravels, lapillus, pebbles, siliceous, calcareous, porphyry and basalt.
Has further expanded the range of products, selling also wood materials of various kinds such as wood chips, pellets and powders
It is also able to develop suitable and competitive solutions tailored to suit the customer in regards to the waste management as proposed on the whole national territory under the brokerage business.
In order to reduce costs for the customer, the company also deals with a network of licensed facilities (in ordinary or simplified procedure) for the treatment and recovery / waste disposal. In particular, the company Inerti Guerra Srl, accommodates the functional needs for each customer to propose appropriate and competitive technical solutions for the following:

All our authorizations used for brokerage and transports, can be downloaded from our website clicking on the"AUTHORIZATIONS" area.


Inerti Guerra S.r.l.